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Pelléas et Mélisande - Teatro Comunale di Modena

Philip Addis has an affinity for twentieth century music, as shown by his frequent appearances in Britten’s operas. This is a highly-intelligent young singer who carefully chooses roles he can identify with. From the moment he appeared on stage, until his demise, Addis portrayed an innocent, a trait that makes Pelléas endearing. One senses that he and Mélisande truly fell in love, unaware of their predicament. This makes their Act IV declaration “Tu ne sais pas pourquoi il faut que je m’éloigne...Tu ne sais pas que c’est parce que.../Je t’aime aussi.../Oh! qu’as‑tu dit, Mélisande!” so genuine and moving.
Ossama el Naggar,, 01/20/2023

Les pêcheurs de perles - Vancouver Opera

 “Addis was an absolute powerhouse as Zurga, with phenomenal and stratospheric high notes with a brilliant colour. He was menacing and sympathetic in equal measure, and his change of heart in the finale was heartfelt and genuine.”

Melissa Ratcliff, Schmopera 10/22/2022

Gala "l'Opéra français en fête" - Festival d'opéra de Québec

"Baritone, Phillip Addis sings « Ô vin, dissipe la tristesse » from Ambroise Thomas' Hamlet with panache"
"Le baryton Phillip Addis chante « Ô vin, dissipe la tristesse » de Hamlet d’Ambroise Thomas avec panache"
Emmanuel Bernier, Le Soleil, 07/30/2021

Pelléas et Mélisande - Teatro Regio di Parma

"Phillip Addis lyrically modulates his beautiful baritone timbre, obtaining the luminous sounds and youthful accents that characterize Pélleas."

"Phillip Addis modula con lirismo il suo bel timbro baritonale ottenendo i suoni luminosi e gli accenti giovanili che caratterizzano Pélleas."

Patrizia Monteverdi, OperaClick 03/28/2021

"Pelléas found in Phillip Addis an incarnation of rare emotional participation."

"Pelléas ha trovato in Phillip Addis un’incarnazione di rara partecipazione emotiva."

Mario Bianchi, 04/30/2021

"Phillip Addis demonstrates psychological adherence, interpretative refinement, and vigorous, agile musicality."

"Phillip Addis mostra aderenza psicologica, finezza interpretativa, vigorosa ed agile musicalità."

Gilberto Mion, Il Teatro, 04/26/2021

As One - Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal

“Right from the beginning of the performance… Phillip Addis’ performance held one’s attention. He was as invested vocally as he was physically in the portrayal of his character, which made his interpretation captivating.”

“Dès le début de la représentation… la performance de Phillip Addis a retenu l’attention. Il était aussi investi vocalement que physiquement dans la représentation de son personnage, ce qui rendait son interprétation captivante.”

Émilie Versailles et Judy-Ann Desrosiers, 11/23/2020

Figaro’s Wedding - Against the Grain Theatre

“...Addis is an impeccable antagonist; he nails the entitled, smarmy attitude right down to the agape mouth, and flips between jealous rages and pitiful begging on more than one occasion - but always does so believably.”

Isabella Perrone, Broadway World, 12/04/2019

La Bohème - Canadian Opera Company

“Talented Canadian baritone Phillip Addis (Schaunard) possesses an attractive voice...that rings pure and true.”

Paula Citron, 03/29/2019

Pelléas et Mélisande - Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg

“Phillip Addis is a young Canadian baritone who takes up the torch with panache. Served by a young leading man’s physique, which is perfect for the role, and by a well coloured and sonorous voice, he gives a lot of depth to the title role...his French diction is excellent.”

“Phillip Addis, jeune baryton canadien qui prend la relève avec panache. Servi par un physique de jeune premier parfait pour le rôle, par une voix …bien timbrée et très sonore, il donne beaucoup de relief au rôle titre…la diction française est excellente.”

Claude Jottrand 06/14/2018

Billy Budd - Teatro Dell’Opera Di Roma

“...Canadian baritone Phillip Addis...delivered a compelling performance based on his savvy ability to appear beguiling while remaining guileless—a nearly impossible combination to achieve. Addis’s Billy is lithe, virile and athletic; his allure stems more from an inner goodness than from an outward innocence. The role fits Addis’s slender baritone perfectly. Billy’s quieter moments found the singer at his best: the lilting lullaby of “Look! Through the port comes the moonshine astray!” movingly sung. Yet when required, he also rose to the challenge of Billy’s more dramatic apostrophes to the “Old Right’s o’ Man”.”

Kevin Fullerton, 05/21/2018

Carmina Burana - Toronto Symphony Orchestra

“He’s a theatrical singer who happens to possess a lovely sound and flawless intonation.” 06/25/2017

“Phillip Addis navigates the requirements of the piece with ease, shifting between his registers with extreme flexibility.”

Broadway World, 06/22/2017 

“Baritone Phillip Addis ... was brilliant displaying an abundance of power as well as comedic flair.”

Toronto Concert Reviews, 06/22/2017

Die Zauberflöte - Canadian Opera Company

"Addis gave a winning performance as the Bird-catcher, singing with robust tone, and received one of the biggest ovations in the final curtain."

Musical Toronto, 01/30/2017

La Bohème - Opéra de Québec

"Phillip Addis is an ideal Marcello: superb timbre, excellent projection, his tone and character always right for the situation.

Phillip Addis est un Marcello idéal : superbe timbre, excellente projection, sens de la nuance et jeu toujours en situation."

l’Avant-Scène Opéra, 05/14/2016

L’Amour de loin - Opéra de Québec

"Baritone Phillip Addis incarnates the troubadour Jaufré Rudel. The quality of his acting is superb and his voice reaches every spectator without the slightest apparent effort.

Le baryton Phillip Addis incarne avec vérité le troubadour Jaufré Rudel. La qualité de son jeu est superbe et sa voix se rend jusqu'aux spectateurs sans le moindre effort apparent."

Le Soleil, 07/31/2015

Pelléas et Mélisande - Opéra Comique

"He has most likely become the ideal Pelléas of his generation. A young man, he has a fragile demeanor and adolescent silhouette but the voice has evolved - it has more resonance and has developed a bite. The sense of confidence in the final duet, the passion reaching a height that is more seductive than luminous, is thrilling."

Concertclassique 02/18/2014

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